It is quite ironical that the alliance of Russia with the most powerful terrorist in the present world known as Bashar al-Assad has succumbed the millions of lives in the span of just a few months to days.

To one’s amazement, it was not well covered by the media, neither was acknowledged, noticed, considered and realised by the world altogether. The consequences amongst the victims appear initially on a biological level; the hunger, thirst, need for clothing and shelter; which completely unaddressed reach to the psychological level and surface out as frustration, anger, helplessness and in the long term these components acquire the form of revenge. The revenge manifests itself through different forms. Responses/forms are mostly showed where there are pockets of opportunities, loose security measures and unsupervised backgrounds. The expressions of opportunity-based-revenge have put the lives of perpetrators, non-perpetrators, innocents and victims all at great risk.

_67330684_1541462141The root of response is less focused as much as the response itself. This attitude has caused the world to see the “whole” picture in thin slices and off course separately or one can just say in a snapshot. The snapshot portrayal of the whole situation has incited snap judgments, snap decisions, impulsive hatred and quick opinions.

The outcome is the world with divided poles: US vs THEM.

The media, word-of-mouth, debates and for-and-against arguments by the time all would reinforce the energy at the extreme ends. The division would be deepened further, hatred and anarchy will be flared up and in between this many parallel courses of action will be introduced with time.

1) Muslims with a-political and a-religious concerns will have difficulty in their foreign interactions, travellings, achieving career goals in life etc. due to the politico-religious barriers. This will ignite anger within them partly on the policy-makers sand largely on the radicals present within their conforming belief system.

2) This will be reflected by their ignorance of the rights of trampled, deprived and victimised sufferers on their side. The sheer neglect by the people of similar faith would fill the affectee to assume a more polarised position, which means more disgust, ferocity and fanatic approach towards the world including their own brothers and sisters in faith.

3) The distance between the two poles would further facilitate the air of misconception, doubt and disdain towards each other.

4) The absence of real knowledge regarding the root-cause of the situation can introduce the whole new system with one side entirely possessed by “higher-beings” and the other side with “lower-beings”. This difference in mindsets would be considered by the “lower-beings” as humiliating and tragic. These feeling would fill the gaps with viciousness and chaos.

The world is undoubtedly entering into a new realm where the advancement, progression, digitalization have made it a better place than ever. But the same world has reached the lowest level of humanity with brutal lawlessness, racism, despotism, and abuse of power, greed and cruelty.

Last but not the least, with the Trump being a president of America and Angela Merkel being an unlikable figure; I must say we are in for more surprises!


Personality and Leisure Time

Human personality is rich with diverse features, aspects and moods. It is revealed through many minor and major challenges when different behaviours come into play. Most of us keep thinking of the fact that despite working on our personalities, we are not able to shine out, excel or achieve what we want. The basic factor among many which have been identified is our leisurely hour and how we want to spend it. It is the largely ignored and neglected aspect of one’s life and maybe that is why one is not able to achieve much in life despite major and sophisticated efforts.

The leisure hours have paramount importance in building one’s strength and adding charm to personality. What we think, ponder and get ourselves engages into define our persona to the great extent.


The thoughts

It constitutes the major part in formulating our vision, goals, perspectives for and about life. The leisurely activities fill us with productive or destructive thoughts that ultimately define us and our future.

The action

Sometimes, we prefer active options over the inactive meditation. We choose to engage ourselves in some action based theme as our outlets to fill our free time. The nature, depth and intensity of an action influence our personality from all aspects.  It colours our views for relationships, events and shapes the way we infer or analyse.

The hobbies

It is the most important part to emphasise. The type of hobby which we employ to provide us resourceful pleasure and motivation for routine tasks determines our cognition, moods, attitudes and perception. Not merely this but research tells us the effectiveness of productive hobbies in one’s life too.


The current account in conjunction with the literature-based evidence concludes direct relationship of these two variables, Personality and leisure activities.  It includes that the fervent habit of reading and writing1 has proved its role as a healer in a different type of mental illnesses. The sharing outlets and group -based activities2 with participatory functions enhance memory, cognition; improve mood and increase oxytocin, a love hormone. The effect of positive self-talking3 surfaces out in the form of boosted self-esteem, confidence and self-reliance, it also improves interaction and self-image, which later substantiate and enrich oneself completely.

The above components are essential and necessary ingredients to keep in mind when one thinks about personal grooming.

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The environmental décor in the form of trees, waterfalls, mountains and the river can easily influence and refresh one’s mind and body for long. The Green landscape has its own soothing impact on mental and physiological health. The attraction of nature’s beauty is beyond the impact of any terror, chaos, and turmoil present at any given place.

Although, Pakistan’s image has been forwarded to the world by the international media as the terrorized and corrupt country with high rates of crime. It has inculcated a lot more fear among those tourists who are fervor admirers of wildlife’s beauty. The scenic beauty of nature has embellished many remote, forgotten and peaceful places of Pakistan.

The valleys of Azad Kashmir are famous enrapturing sights of divinity on earth. The tour to Kashmir, if organize well can be the most awesome journey of one’s lifetime.


We have started our tour from the capital city, Islamabad. From where we have taken a car ride to Muzaffarabad. It is a fabulous place to start with. Tall trees, great mountains, and flowing river sight ornament the whole view . The swirling roads and twisted ends may make your excursion adventurous and risky too. Here, one may need a local and expert driver.

The stay at altitude has become an exquisite experience to have where mountainside guesthouse provided marvelous sights to see and visit. The drizzling and silence in the night have filled us with ecstasy; the joy was further added by the open-air barbeque dinner served with lentils, yoghurt, onion and tomato salad and fresh water from the waterfalls.


Next day, we woke up early to have a morning walk in mountainous trees and jungle. Roads were foggy and the air was filled with the chirping sounds of different birds.

After our breakfast, we moved to Neelum valley the most beautiful place of Kashmir, it is famous for the scenic beauty of mountains in parallel with the gushing river flow, waterfalls and dense network of trees around. In Neelam valley, we stayed in a guesthouse for a night and in the evening we sat on mountains to watch the river flow and greenery over the hills.

We have moved to Kel the next day. It was a breathtaking splendor vision. This place was full of lush green trees all over the mountains and flowing rivulets, streaming in the middle of the hills.


The great hiking point is beyond Kel, it is called as Arang Kel, where one can only go via chairlift services. Arand Kel is a spiral track on high mountains. This track extends to the top of the hill. When you reach on topmost site, you would find wide green meadows over there and on walking further another hill would come across. It is a picturesque show.

Hiking takes 30 to 45 minutes on Arang Kel mountains; slow-paced hiking doubles the joy by allowing one to gaze at nature’s display around in the form of bushes, flowers and (dispersed) stones of different colors, shapes, and sizes.


This journey has tired us and after 5 hours of stay in Arang Kel, we have moved back to Kel. After having hot tea in a cold weather, we have embarked on our expedition to Sharda valley. It was a glory in its own right. We resided at the riverside guesthouse. We enjoyed our dinner and breakfast by the riverside, under a tree on the wood benches which were placed across the scenery.

Such a delightful tour continued till our way back to Muzaffarabad from where we have travelled back to Islamabad to catch our evening flight.

The seizing moments of our tour included fresh and pure air to breathe on high altitudes, the silence of mountains along with trickling stream sound of water (where we have meditated too) made this journey memorable and remarkable for us.