It is quite ironical that the alliance of Russia with the most powerful terrorist in the present world known as Bashar al-Assad has succumbed the millions of lives in the span of just a few months to days.

To one’s amazement, it was not well covered by the media, neither was acknowledged, noticed, considered and realised by the world altogether. The consequences amongst the victims appear initially on a biological level; the hunger, thirst, need for clothing and shelter; which completely unaddressed reach to the psychological level and surface out as frustration, anger, helplessness and in the long term these components acquire the form of revenge. The revenge manifests itself through different forms. Responses/forms are mostly showed where there are pockets of opportunities, loose security measures and unsupervised backgrounds. The expressions of opportunity-based-revenge have put the lives of perpetrators, non-perpetrators, innocents and victims all at great risk.

_67330684_1541462141The root of response is less focused as much as the response itself. This attitude has caused the world to see the “whole” picture in thin slices and off course separately or one can just say in a snapshot. The snapshot portrayal of the whole situation has incited snap judgments, snap decisions, impulsive hatred and quick opinions.

The outcome is the world with divided poles: US vs THEM.

The media, word-of-mouth, debates and for-and-against arguments by the time all would reinforce the energy at the extreme ends. The division would be deepened further, hatred and anarchy will be flared up and in between this many parallel courses of action will be introduced with time.

1) Muslims with a-political and a-religious concerns will have difficulty in their foreign interactions, travellings, achieving career goals in life etc. due to the politico-religious barriers. This will ignite anger within them partly on the policy-makers sand largely on the radicals present within their conforming belief system.

2) This will be reflected by their ignorance of the rights of trampled, deprived and victimised sufferers on their side. The sheer neglect by the people of similar faith would fill the affectee to assume a more polarised position, which means more disgust, ferocity and fanatic approach towards the world including their own brothers and sisters in faith.

3) The distance between the two poles would further facilitate the air of misconception, doubt and disdain towards each other.

4) The absence of real knowledge regarding the root-cause of the situation can introduce the whole new system with one side entirely possessed by “higher-beings” and the other side with “lower-beings”. This difference in mindsets would be considered by the “lower-beings” as humiliating and tragic. These feeling would fill the gaps with viciousness and chaos.

The world is undoubtedly entering into a new realm where the advancement, progression, digitalization have made it a better place than ever. But the same world has reached the lowest level of humanity with brutal lawlessness, racism, despotism, and abuse of power, greed and cruelty.

Last but not the least, with the Trump being a president of America and Angela Merkel being an unlikable figure; I must say we are in for more surprises!


The connection of transcendence

Roaming the world of sorrow and joy, we stay between two extensions throughout to decide, think, interact, create and flourish. One extension links us with outside world and another one links us with our inside.

These extensions are in active motion all the time when we interact, deal and mingle up with people around. Inner-connexion contains the mystic component. It guides and guards us throughout. The other tie with the outer world modifies itself according to the environmental demands and changes. It is supervised by our inner connexion and its quality. The quality of inner attachment is comprised upon our spiritual state where we feel ourselves with a Higher being and the quality of it.

The strengthening factors for the state-with-Higher-Being are piety, honesty and satisfaction, trust in God, self reliance and goodness.

The improvised quality of ones inner tie disables the intuitive capacity of a person for the specific course of actions in the outer world at time of challenges and hardship. This deprives a person from the essence of wisdom and clairvoyance. In such cases, when the inner link is malformed or poorly established then it becomes hard to provide guidance for the external code of actions.


The stress of Rumi and other Mystics on the state-of-being-with-God was made to highlight its importance in terms of external world of action. The constant state of vigilance is required for maintaining the stability and to enrich the inner connexion.



One must keep an eye on a milestone graph of one’s personality development and intellectual growth. These two factors can be explained on the basis of our interactions, our cognitive styles and prospects, our relationships, and the ability to maintain them. The way we relate with ourselves is a direct reflection of our attitude towards this world.

The most directive and guiding principle for one’s life is and should be one which imparts the prime serenity, poise and satisfaction to him/her. Most of the calming experiences that a person feels in a certain life span are mostly spiritual experiences through which one derives meaning and identifies purpose in one’s life.This connection and its strength (between a Higher Entity and an individual) is one that orients a person and leads one as how to interact, deal, what path to pave and how to resolve matters in a disciplined and a just way.


If we understand the guiding nature of this relationship of a self with the Higher Being (HB); then only we can fathom its impact on our personal and social status. The strong correlation between these two (S –>HB) has an advantage over an individual. When it serves as a standard axis then only it guides one in an ambiguous and equivocal situation; directs in abstruse matters and provides clues in novel settings. The centripetal (directing or moving towards a centre or axis) strength bestows the element of wisdom on a bearer.

On the other hand, the weak nexus between self to HB impairs the supervisory flicker and deprives one from the light of guidance. This hampers one from attaining evolution. Evolution, which is a necessary step for an individual to climb up in order to mature, to grow, to excel, to provide and to turn a life into a sublime message for this world.

The sense of a deprivation of this gleaming guide can be assessed; but most of the time it cannot be evaluated because of the subdued states of a consciousness or inert inspection.


In the light of this theory, if we retrospectively investigate the meaning and cause of joy among people of past then it is quite easy to conclude. Rumi’s emphasis on “internal growth” and “search for the truth in ones heart” must have some affiliation with this (S–>HB) relationship. The noble efforts of Jami, Sa’adi and other mystics to guard this bond and to maintain it; is an excellent example to estimate the worth of its existence.


Once upon a time, there was a man in a village of Shahkula. His name was Sabuut. Sabuut was kind, pious and devoted to his religion. He used to spend most of his time in praying, preaching and studying religious books. When one day a devil came to him and said;

‘O you who is pious indeed and advancing in a way of your cult. Almighty bestowed you His Kindness. Do you know that?’

‘If it is like that, I would like to thank him. He is merciful’

‘But………my repeated failures know hard work. It’s my challenge that I will penetrate your heart for my disciple i.e. lust. So that, He may throw you out from His company.’

‘O, devil get lost from here. I believe in my prayers and intentions. I damn care about you. My prayers are my protection. Your intrigues nourish you.’

Devil immediately vanished, as he recited ‘Lahool…….!       

One night, it was raining fast, coldness cracking feet of travelers. People shut down shelter of shops and tended to go home as soon as possible. It was midnight; sabuut was just lying down for sleep. He was feeling terrible cold his body was causing resistance against any movement.

When suddenly door knocked. He humbly said;

‘Who is at the door?’

‘I am a poor hungry woman. Please open the door.’ He got out from his bed turned on light, moved towards door. When he opened the door, an intolerable smell irritated his nostrils intensely.

She was an old lady with ugly scares on her pale colored face.

‘I need food and shelter, I am sick.’ She said with trembling voice.

‘I can give you food but how can I give you shelter? Its midnight, and villagers will mind it, as I am alone at home. It’s not good for me to allow anyone to live with me at night.’

‘I can live tonight with out food but I desperately need shelter. Look at my age son, I am above 70 and you are young just like my son. It would be your mercy. If you consider my request.’

‘Amma ji………. I respect you but I can only give you food not shelter.’

She looked at him in helplessness and then went away.

‘He shut the door mumbling’.

‘I can give her shelter but I can not rely on devil. I can not take risk of any kind. I know I’ve done well.’

Hardly 5 minutes have elapsed again his door knocked. Having a thought of that old lady he waked up.

‘If she would be there again, I would tell her to take shelter in my neighbor where ladies are reside.’

When he opened the door, his words and thoughts distracted. His eyes bedazzled. She was a young girl in a bridal dress. He has never seen such innocence and beauty in life. She was delicate and her fair complexion skin adorned with all required ornaments of bride.

‘I’m sorry I’ve disturbed you, in this hour of night. I’ve forgotten my way and strayed away from my caravan. We were coming from far. I’m quite strange here. I don’t know about this village. Would you please tell me where this house is?’

She gave him a paper.

‘These people have left there home 1 year back nobody was living at this address’.

He has told her whole story.

‘May I reside at your dwelling, as I am unable to find another place in this heavy rain at midnight’?

He hesitatingly gave her way. He was quite resisted to refuse. Her beauty locked his tongue and puzzled his thought.

‘My feet are wounded, as I am walking from a long way. Would you please hold my hand. So that I can come ’. She moved her hand forward.

He was astonished on her bold act. He held her hand, led her inside. Her softness of hand bewildered him more than ever.

She sat on a sofa. Conflagration of seducing power raised within him as, well as outside.

‘Do you need anything?’

He asked, tried to look away from her.

‘Yes please, a cup of tea’

He went to Kitchen for preparation, when under influence of unknown emotions his hands started shacking. He tried to control himself. When he heard a voice from behind.

‘May I help you?’

He was amazed how can she walk? If her feet are wounded.

‘No thank you I think you need a rest’

‘No……I can help you’. She took Kettle from him and started preparing tea.’

He stealthily looked at her. He was enchanted by view that she was looking him in the same way.

‘Man, you cannot trust on a devil! His conscience said.’

He felt, he was getting terribly under her influence. It is good to walk out from Kitchen.

When she said, ‘Our tea is prepared.’

He took his tea, again she herself held his hand. So that while walking she can have support she was looking perfect. She was not limping. He looked at her. She smiled.

‘Thank you’!

‘For What?’

‘For your help, as I am in need of someone in this night and also in my life.’

‘In your life…!’

‘Yes I am not happy due my marriage.’

‘To whom you are marrying?’

‘He is an old man about 90s.’

‘To whom you want to marry?’

‘Its natural human desire as I am young I want my partner just like me or just like you.’

‘You liked me……….!’

‘Yes………’ Her grip strengthened on him.

‘Do you………….I mean?’

‘Yes…… of course I liked you’. He dropped a cup from his hand and held her both shoulder. Her present features started to change. She laughed in a un-control manner. He became afraid.

She looked down and when she raised her head. He was terrified in front of him there was no mere a bride but a devil.

He said.’ O, you damn! What the hell are you doing here?’

‘Remember my friend my challenge. I’ve seduced you in the way I’ve proposed for you. Your prayers protect you from all devilish forces outside your body but what about that forces you are nourishing from birth. You became pious but still unable to eliminate sins from soul. Your prayers wash body prevents it from doing sin & misdeeds. Fears wash soul and sanctify intentions. You believe in bodily worship, but not in spiritual submission to Allah. You want me to be your friend on one side and need dignity in front of Him on another side. You can remove money from life but how can abandon greed from heart. You can betray yourself you can betray this world. But think O, ignorant how can you betray Him?



‘Never think it is time that killed me

I was killed by the source of the water of life.

If an enemy killed you, that would be terrible

But normal,

I was killed by the soul of my soul



He was 400 years old, according to people, they have always seen him being engaged in prayers, preaching, studying and rolling his tasbih beads. He has spent his life spreading His message from village to village, city to city, and country to country. I had seen him 2 years back; he had a very good state of health. I can not forget specific rays of piety and sanctity, which were radiating from him at that time.

He was sitting in a corner, ill-looking, pale, tiresome features of his health was showing scarcity of nourishing supplements or perhaps it was due to some disease, but dreadful shadows of melancholy was spreading her cover in his surrounding.       


 I could see and feel it I have met this man, he was not like this. What has happened? What has passed on him? He never looked tired; people told me, and how he got so lethargic looks?

‘Babaji………!’ Sitting on his haunches, he did not hear me he was constantly looking towards floor.

‘Babaji…….!’ I called him bit aloud.

He raised his head; no fluorescence was in his eyes


‘Walaikum-as-Salam’ I was unable to listen his gentle voice.

‘Babaji……….can I sit here’?

He moved a side giving me an indirect approval.

I must remained silent for few minutes, in honor of his 400 years old worship and in dignity of his pious life.

‘How are you babaji……….?

 ‘He saw me in such a surprise as nobody has ever asked him this question. He then looked at sky.

                   (Teri Bandsparvari Main Mere Din Guzr Rahain Hain

                                          Na Gila Hai Doston Ka Na Shikayat-E-Zamana)

‘My day are spending in YOUR worship and praise; I have no complains from friends neither world.’

‘Babaji………I do hope, you did not recognize me, but we’ve met 2 years back, from that day up till now, I have visited many parts of world but your dignity remains in my heart.’

He was still looking at sky, like searching something.

‘Babaji……..are you listening to me?’ he looked at me, a look of dislike struck me.

‘Sorry………I think I have disturbed you in your solitude.’

I was going to stand, when he held my hand. His touch did not contain any amiable feeling as I felt two years back.

‘Who would disturb him on whom HE destined comfort and grace, and who would save him on whom He sends storms and troubles? My son, I know your anxiety to know.’

I was dumb, I knew his miracles, he knows your thoughts, but I was much curious about what he was going to say.

“Son! Never forget Almighty.”

He looked down, tears rolled on his check.

‘Never ever forget! HE is there within you; never think HE is not aware even He knows what you do not know. Your negligence from HIM is a cause of your crisis and disease. Son, I have spent my life, soul, each cell of body in His worship but;

                                         “HAWAS CHUP CHUP KE SEENOON MAIN DANA LETEY HAIN


(Lust makes her images inside you in a hidden way).

‘I forgot, I fell, everything demolished. Life has lost its meaning, I have mine. HE turned HIS mercy away, I became hapless.’

‘Where you strayed………? What have you done…….?’ My anxiety was               unbearable.

“Son! I did not dislike your presence but praise and respect for me, you are giving me a thing, and I am illegible for it. Lust has devoured me, greed made me blind and ruthless, hate made me ugly. Envious snatched sanctity from my face and burnt me. I am ask, polluted air which is producing from rusting engines of life. I do not know why………Almighty has given so much enormous power to all disciples of devil. The field, I was cultivating from 400 years was rich and fertile, contained moral essence of my true faith and worship, but how  offences of devil approached values of virtue, cut it, destroyed my toil. How I forgot way, how way forgot me. Everything changed from top to bottom.

The fertile soil of my field started producing snakes of envy, scorpions of lust, animosity, immorality and seductions and I was ignorantly nourishing them, they were extracting, accumulating energy to sting me.

 How my body overcame my soul. I remembered Almighty but forgot His fellowmen. Why Lord has placed large capacity within us to predispose ourselves to devilish side……..why………?

I usurped lands of orphans, despite of caring, I suppressed and tormented them. Devil ravenously eats your fresh which you present him with your own hands.

‘Son! Never forget Him. You don’t know who gets approval, who traps here, who captures his sacred nature, who fails, who ascends, who lays. You never know. Do not let pride to succumb you; it introduces hidden channels within you that allow lust to occupy soul. My prayers and humility gave me place in heaven, my negligence made my establishment poor. May Almighty forgive me.     


I have induced irreparable pains to HIS fellowmen, I have plundered homes,               trampled their dignity, I scourged innocent, cheated, debauched emotionally, physically and sexually, people considered me pious and I got pride.

I was in paradise, Angels threw me in garbage of hell. Exert your force to prevent from enemies, who are…………

Remember Son! This world, your fellowmen, everything has made by HIM is beautiful, nobody is your enemy but………within you reside your ultimate, true enemy. Prevent yourself from devil of your own. They can any where in the way towards your LORD, seduce you, be MUTTAQI.

As almighty has HIMSELF said;

‘ALLAH is nearest to those, who are MUTTAQI’ (one who refrains from sin)