The Temptation of Easiness

The nature of tribulations carries mysterious messages for the human mind and soul. It only reveals when one really wants to see it without any stereotypical notion, biased judgment or prejudiced perception.

It carries a message to induce flexibility and cause us to adapt to the new situations or challenges, which sound quite hard at first. The reason being difficult is simply because of a wear and tear phenomenon that one gets through in order to suffer, learn and ultimately to change.

The inner eye of wisdom needs to be on guard to the lower self of desires and lust to see through the slits of a weave. The pain carries messages to amend the wounds of a soul, and it nourishes the spirit to strengthen out. It builds resilience, determination, and tenacity within a person. The pain acts as a teacher as it fills and substantiates the personal aura.

One only gets to know the real meaning, worth and the essence of pain when he or she tends to read history, biographies, listen to people, tries to get an insight into the different life stories and train oneself to see events or persons from ‘not so instant and impulsive perspective/ready-made template of analysis’ .

Today, the world is more pleasure driven body than before. From the basic marketing techniques to the most complicated human surgeries, all are designed to draw enormous and infinite magnitude of luxuries and beauty to one’s life and exclude all the possible elements of pain, suffering, and challenges. The sheer facilitation of the human body to feel the urge of comfort has consolidated the component of id at the unconscious level. Thus, it has been hard to refrain or resist the temptation of easiness in every domain of life.


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