The wizard of Oz – stages of human consciousness

When Dorothy is at home

wiz001ft_dorothy_costume_1000This stage reflects the human existential, primitive and regressive form of consciousness in which trivial things matter a lot and a person tries to deal with the fantasy and maladaptive defense mechanisms like dissociation (getting away from the real situation) to get relief. In this play, Dorothy runs away from her home. Home is that human’s life reality which causes pain and suffering. And her running away was one of the maladaptive coping mechanisms to avoid the pain




Dorothy at palmist’s homeimages

This stage is another reflection of a human behavior where the expectation for the best is desired after one’s scrawny plans and initiatives. Her wonder and interest towards the magician to know her fate reveals her state of ignorance and impatience. Palmist demonstrates the slip-ups of one’s life that can make the person realize his or her mistake. On realizing her mistake she tries to return back to home, but it becomes too difficult for her by then to return.



downloadThe turmoil in one’s life after the first wrong step has been taken.

The land of munchkins


This is the wonderland of our desires and wishes. How we see world’s favors, resources, materials, money, pomposity, and illustration. The Glinda is a parental image in our unconscious that shows us the path of goodness but never accompanies us. (Parents are with us all the time through their prayers. They give us values and advice to cover the journey of life all alone, achieving the goals and ambitions to shine in this world, but they don’t bear the pains of our routes). In the same way, Glinda prays for her and asks her to go to the wizard of Oz for the ultimate attainment and absolute salvation (series of trials in life is to make decisions to save oneself from Satan, poverty, sin and the ebb) .

wizardofoz1The wicked witch of the west is a devil and id-driven (Freudian concept) authority of our unconscious part. Glinda asks Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road (the goodness) to get away from evil and never put off her gifted shoes.


The scarecrow

The first encounter highlights the importance of a brain being a principle organ of one’s intellectual life. Scarecrow laments the deficiency of intellect and logic in his life.


The Tinman

The second meeting shows the heart as another necessity for living a thoughtful and sensible life. The strength which comes without the essence of love and compassion is nothing but temporary and insubstantial.


The lion

c190f194ae823043c76e27b59dfed0a2The concept of Kingship without the element of courage is futile. The unintentional scream of Dorothy towards lion exhibits lion’s timid nature.

This scream also shows the power of veracity when one stands against the oppression out of anger and frustration then it unravels various forged layers which are wrapped on our perception, only then the unclouded perception can transparently analyze situations and dynamics.


download-1She sleeps in a poppy field

This scene shows the perfect ensemble of the devil and God’s power. She sleeps in a field under the influence of a devil’s trick but gets up due to Glinda’s prayer. It depicts that although devil keeps running after a human being to get him or her into the downward spiral of sin and distraction, but his tricks don’t work without the final thought by the Higher Entity. The scene also reflects the appearance of Glinda in the background as a prayer of parents (being with their children all the time and helping them at the time of crisis).


The Oz

Here comes the realization of world’s most desired achievement as one’s ultimate aim of existence and purpose of life. The joy which takes place after seeing the conceived goal is the reflection of human’s infatuation with his or her desire. Their amazement on seeing the city of Oz is the demonstration of this attribute.


hqdefaultThe wizard is a pleasure driven body who asks us to run further towards our estimated, desired and most wanted ambition. In the attainment of our goal, we happen to kill the lassitude, weariness, and evil and walk an extra mile.


“….Come tomorrow”


When we almost lose everything in the persuasion of our desires but don’t find the expected outcome on time then it upsets us. The sense of collectivity for oneself comes then. The crumble of one’s dream is the reality of human existence. One of the ultimate purposes of life is a hard realization to experience the failure.


Brain, heart, and courage

The world and society norms provoke us to follow the rituals of growth like getting a higher degree, finding a good job, getting a good match so that you can stay happy. The sources of comfort and happiness have nothing to do with the external resources and materialistic gains. It deals with the personal awareness regarding oneself.

The personal knowledge about the purpose of existence, life and self-identity are the themes which can bring happiness and serenity.

The bad wizard is an example of this. When Dorothy on instructions of Glinda (e.g. parents, guardians, teachers, mentors and guides) decides to go to the wizard where she finds its real worth, although, she discovers it as fake and superficial. Nonetheless, the wizard reassures everyone about the qualities they already have but they are not aware of it.

images-1Thus, all of them were searching it out.

Dorothy’s realization about her home, in the end, is the reflection of the internal journey towards the soul and its significance as a source of happiness.


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