Seeing the brutality of a human being in a current age, one can sense the urge to dig out the reasons behind the factors, which overturn one’s nature to become vultures and cold-blooded human in order to pursue their goals.

Not to be surprised but various psychosocial reasons lie behind it. Naming the most gruesome political groups, rebellion schisms and radical factions, which have jeopardized people’s lives for decades and paralysed their societies to its deepest cores and instigated the seeds of learned helplessness within the very soul of each individual.


Lack of personal, social and religious identity-

This is true in reference to:

1) Underprivileged mothering; where mothers may be poorly educated to impart the social, religious or ethical knowledge or they might be busy to do so (due to poverty)

2) Deprived financial resources to get education

3) Little religious understanding to defend or identify oneself


Insignificant social attachment –

The above factor comes into play when a child is in impoverished condition physically and mentally. The dissatisfaction that arises from the lap of shattered dreams and unseen goals can easily indulge one to look for foreign objectives in order to internalize their identities, which has never been there before.

The excitement, which is brought by the new face, lures one to swiftly detach from the previous void self and gets into the new one.

Extreme terror –

Extreme nature of plundering, terror, chaos and social disarray renders one to idealise death over the devalued state of a life. In the same way, stark poverty can lead to the similar mental status.

Fantasy, the coping –

The utter embitterment of life unconsciously dissociates one from the dark realities in order to avoid the pain caused by it. The use of immature coping strategy mostly surfaces out to maintain the self-equilibrium, namely fantasy. The use of fantasy predisposes one to quickly trust other beliefs about life, death, hereafter and build up to goals upon others beliefs. Here, we can use the example of radical religiopolitical parties that consider beautiful houris would be rewarded to murderers, those who kill people from different faiths.


Propaganda –

The constant reverberation (by media, specific groups, influential resources of information and contact) about others (target) as evil, filthy, deprecating, toxic and harmful; and belittling their lives, values and importance to none help proponents influence their victims to attack the target with little or no remorse and to consider their treatment to enemies as justified.


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